DV Creative Portfolio - GLA

Each month .Net Magazine ask three designers to create a website based on a fictional brief for their Design Challenge feature.

I was asked to take part in the challenge for the September 2015 issue, the brief asked us to come up with an image sharing website that will blow Instagram and Pinterest out of the water. I had many thoughts about how I wanted my image sharing to be, then I settled on focusing on something a little closer to my heart. Thus Daily Smile was born.

The idea around DailySmile is that it shuns selfies and encourages the users to appreciate the simple beautiful things in our everyday lives. At its core is a sense of mindfulness and living in the moment.

A picture builds up a number of smiles (likes) given and in effect the user does too. The aim would be to give as many smiles as you can. I chose yellow as the primary colour because of its bright, sunny compostion.

This project was published in the print and digital editions of .Net Magazine.

DV Creative Portfolio - GLA