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Is your site responsive?


More than 80% of your website users will access your site on their mobile at some point. Is your site responsive (degrades on all devices, desktop, laptops, tablets and mobiles)? If not you are missing a trick.

Having a mobile friendly website ensures that your visitors have a fantastic user experience no matter what device they choose to use. On average, users decide whether they like a website within the first 5 seconds. If your site fails to load quickly or is difficult to navigate on mobile devices, the majority of potential customers will abandon ship straight away. Users are extremely likely to share their bad experiences with their peers, losing you potential customers.

Many websites are now adopting the responsive framework so now is the time to change your site. It has recently been announced that if you do not make your site responsive then Google will demote your page ranking. If you do a simple google search you will see in grey whether the site is mobile friendly or not.

Make your website responsive, we have years of experience in making websites responsive. You can even keep your existing website design, we just make some adjustments so that it looks even better on mobile devices. Contact us today to find out more about responsive designs and how we can help to improve your SEO.